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Reconstituted & engineered stone

Care & Maintenance Reconstituted & engineered stone

These products, such as Omega Quartz, Caesar Stone and Essa Stone, are quartz based and are virtually non-porous. As such, sealing is not required.

Regular maintenance is the same as for marble and Granite.
Sealer & Cleaning products.

The products we recommend are:

  • Lithofin Stain Stop
  • Lithofin Easy Clean
  • Lithofin Power Clean
  • Lithofin Oil-Ex and
  • Lithofin Polish/Care Cream

These are available at our showrooms: 14 Westchester Road, Malaga.

Please note that the sealing referred to above deals specifically with the porosity of marble and granite to minimise the risk of staining, and does not actually guarantee that staining will not occur. Sealing will not provide protection against scratching, abrasion or attack from acidic substances.